Hi! I'm Catherine, founder, designer, & most everything else of La Petite Chose.  La Petite Chose means ‘A Little Thing’, committed to the idea that even small objects, thoughtfully designed and made well, make a difference in our lives.

I'm American & French and was working in France as a product designer when my children were born. Meeting with artisans and manufacturers around the world, I was responsible for figuring out how to better make things...and along the way also discovered how not to make things. It became vital to me to create reliable & sustainable products that are made to last.

At the same time, as a new mother, I discovered the traditional French sleeping sack, called a 'gigoteuse'. In our house it quickly became essential, the key to dreamy baby sleep. Having designed and made these for French babies and trusted them for my own children I was amazed to find, when I moved with my family to Seattle, that a truly well-made, cozy, natural cotton sleep sack wasn't available to American parents.

I am thrilled to make my small collections locally in the USA and even happier to share La Petite Chose with you. Wishing you cozy nights & peace of mind while your baby sleeps. I love hearing from you, please get in touch!