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Soft Safe Sleep

La Petite Chose baby sleep sacks are the coziest around and the key to a good night's sleep. Organic cotton, careful small batch production, safe design, and adjustable lengths matter to parents.  Softness and comfort matter to babies.

Why La Petite Chose

La Petite Chose means ‘The Little Thing’, committed to the belief that even small objects, thoughtfully designed and made well, make a difference in our lives. We only make sleep sacks so that we can make them right, and help you and your baby get a good night's sleep. Read more about what makes us different here

Sleepy baby yawning to sleep on sleepsack

Bonne Nuit

Introducing a Good Night's Sleep

When your baby sleeps well, you sleep well


This is the most precious AND useful sleep item we have in our nursery! Our 4 month old was waking up every 2 hours and very unhappy with his crib...Introducing this sleep sack made all the difference! We call it the Magic Sleep Sack - it's beautifully made, super warm and cozy and safe for the crib. Baby now sleeps for long stretches and seems super comfy!!!

This sleep bag is divine. My three month old daughter was ready to transition to sleeping sans swaddle. We decided to try cold turkey. This bag is so cozy she had zero problem sleeping without a swaddle. Not only is this bag gorgeous and incredibly well made, it is perfect for all weather and sleep environments.

 I've tried a number of "sleep sacks" for my two kids (swaddleme etc.), and this is by far the best. Your baby can grow into this sack (you can adjust the size) and you can avoid buying a larger "sack" every 3-6 months. So it's more bang for your buck. The breathable fabric is high quality (and a great, safe design) and my babies just melt into it every night and fall asleep in seconds - you won't regret this purchase.

Love Love Love! My baby sleeps sooooo much better in this sleep sack. It is sooooo soft, and warm, and does great in the washing machine. I am going to be so sad when he outgrows this thing. A truly wonderful product.

Throughout moving homes this sleep sack has been a huge part of how our baby has stayed asleep every night.  I don’t know how often I’ve recommended these to people who are having trouble with sleeping. 

By far the most well made and coziest sleep sack we've tried and now the only sleep sack we use for our baby. The snaps at the shoulders and connected bottom zipper make the ritual of slipping him into the sack at bedtime smooth and gentle compared with having to fiddle with two halves of a zipper and stuffing little hands into arm holes, like most other sacks. And the fabric is super soft and snuggly feeling.