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La Petite Chose Organic Baby Sleep Sacks

Replacing blankets in a crib, a sleep sack is recommended by pediatricians as the safe way to put your baby to bed. Babies, like adults, sleep better when they're cozy in a cooler room. Our sleep sacks are like the difference between sleeping under a sheet or a fleece blanket and sleeping under a soft duvet. Our sleep sacks are:

  • Safe, certified free of chemicals you don't want next to your baby's skin.
  • Sustainable, ethically made with OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton. 
  • Adjustable, they grow with your baby and last longer. 
  • Easy, opening flat with a 2 way YKK zipper and strong shoulder snaps.
  • Cozy, quilted for comforting softness and warmth. 
  • Unisex, a beautiful part of your baby's nursery. 
La Petite Chose baby sleep sack lion

Three Adjustable Sleep Sack Sizes:
Small is 28’’ long, generally fits newborns to 12 months, shortens to 22". 
Medium is 34’’ long, generally fits babies 6-24 months, shortens to 26". 
Large is 40’’long, generally fits toddlers and kids 2-5 years, shortens to 32". 

Two Weights:
Classic is TOG 2.5, and ideal for babies' room temperature of 55°-75° F. 
Lightweight is TOG 1.0 and best for babies' room temperature +80° F.

Our classic weight is suitable for all year round except the hottest days of summer. It's designed to keep your baby warm in a cooler room. The lightweight is best for babies in consistently warmer climates or babies who simply 'sleep hotter'. Add or remove pajama layers under your sleep sack to adjust to your baby's room temperature. Here is a pajama chart for the classic weight.

On the classic: "My daughter adores it, in fact, it has improved our bedtime routine. Every night since she’s worn it she’s fallen asleep independently without a peep. It is so beautifully made, thick and luxurious, but also doesn’t make her sweaty in the night."

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