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I'm Catherine, founder and designer of La Petite Chose sleep sacks.

I'm American and French and was working in France as a product designer when my children were born. Meeting with artisans and manufacturers around the world, I was responsible for figuring out how to make better, more beautiful things. Along the way I also discovered how not to make things! I believed so strongly in creating reliable and sustainable products that are made to last that I left my job and created La Petite Chose.  

At the same time, as a new mother, I discovered the traditional French sleeping sack, called a 'gigoteuse'. In our house it quickly became essential, the key to our sleep because it was the key to our babies' sleep. Having designed and made these for French babies and trusted them for my own children I was amazed to find, when I moved with my family to Seattle, that a truly well-made, cozy, organic cotton sleep sack wasn't available to American mamas and papas.

I am thrilled to share the small collection of  La Petite Chose sleep sacks with you. Wishing you cozy nights and peace of mind while your baby sleeps.


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